Hi! I am Ana – Cristina, a solution focused coach, committed/able to guide you to identify, in a very short period of time, the solutions that resonate with you in order to overcome the specific challenges you may encounter.

You can trust I will use all my professional experience and my knowledge to accompany you in finding your own and customized approach for any situation. I have also been in difficult situations as a manager, as a mother of three young children, as a wife of a husband who loves extreme sports, as a daughter of a demanding father, as a direct report of an exigent boss. I have had to solve many problems, I have had to take thousands of decision both on the professional life as well as on the personal side. I have had to manage lots of conflict situations and to learn how to cope with challenging circumstances. I can truly understand and empathize with any situation you may be in. From my experience, not from books!

But, more important than this is my deepest belief that you have all the competencies and resources to identify what works for you. The simple fact that you are reading these words shows that you have already started the process! I will just guide you to discover your own solutions!

I will offer you the time and structure to do it in a brief coaching program.

Last but not least, you are welcomed to share, in a secure, non-judgmental and warm environment, all the thoughts and feelings you may want to!