“Coaching? That’s like buying …air,” I told Ana during a discussion. “But the quality of the air you breathe is crucial, you know,” she replied. “She does have a point,” I told myself, while still keeping rather moderate expectations towards coaching.
My encounter with Ana as a coach occurred at a quite difficult time for me, when I needed to make a decision that was going to influence on the long run both my professional and my personal life. I had been weighing the pros and cons, looking at my options from different points of view and taking into consideration all the aspects related to it. With incredible delicacy, Ana led the discussion in such a way that I began to see things in a completely new manner; a fresh point of view that was full of revelations to me and that put an entirely different light on everything I thought I had cleared out. I was so surprised to see all those new aspects that I had not grasped before the coaching session and, on the other hand, to learn that I was so resourceful. Ana was there all the time to ask the right questions, to highlight the incredible discoveries I was making along the way and, above all, to make sure that I truly saw myself.
It turned out my coaching session was indeed like air. Exactly the fresh breath I needed in order to clear my mind and my eyes.
Oana A. – PR & Marketing Manager Deloitte Audit


Ana is my 4th coach. And the most effective. There are many coaches out there, but delivering a truly effective and personalized output is hard. Ana focuses on simple questions, and not on overly complex, insufficiently personalized recipes. With me she managed to create just the right amount of perspective, while, at the same time, completely focusing on the present. I was able to quickly get a solid sense of perspective on the right balance (for me) between personal and professional life options, and make an apparently risky career choice, which turned out to be both very meaningful and rewarding.
Stefan – MBA, Financial Director, The Archery Shop – United Kingdom


No matter how good and fresh the ingredients, without a skilled Chef the results are uncertain. Like a great Chef, Ana mixes and creates the optimal environment for our hidden qualities, which only wait to be linked together for a successful path. Ana’s results are always spectacular (sometime even for yourself) from the first meeting. She doesn’t tell you what to think, but she shows you that you already have all the good thoughts and all the tools ready for accomplishments. All you need to do is let them work in your own benefit and not waste them. So, whenever you want to unbox the best of you (to be at your best), when you want to reach milestones that seem courageous/bold or reserved to heroes, don’t hesitate to call her. The hero within you is only a dial away!
G.D. – Sales Director, Romania


I know my personal limits and I consider myself strong and balanced. I have never believed I needed coaching, because for me things are in black and white, and when I am supposed to make a decision, I balance the options and I decide without second thoughts afterwards. Nevertheless, at some point in time I reached a grey area which was very blurred. It was about my future career path. Then Ana stepped in and supported me with a decision coaching session, which functioned magically. What I found out at the end of that session was that I had chosen the road to take prior to the coaching session, without being aware of it. A coach will not tell you what to do, but help you see you have the answer. Maybe sometimes, you just do not ask yourself the right questions to see the way. Ana knows how to address the best questions and to listen in a way we are not always able to do for ourselves. At least I was not until I met her.
Luana D. – Entrepreneur, the Style Factory, Romania


Energy is the first word I link with the experience of my coaching sessions with Ana. It’s what you feel from the first meeting, even when you are not at your best before starting. It is what you receive than, guaranteed, in a journey in which Ana guides you, carefully watches every step you take, supports you to firstly get some clarity, define your final destination and then reach it. A wonderful listener, a pragmatic guide in this journey, a special person with an outstanding ability to focus on the other one /the one in front of her and to convince them to overpass all the mental barriers against the successful outcome. I am grateful for this experience and I recommend Ana to everybody who wants a change on a personal or professional level.
Tereza D. – PR Manager, Germany


Ana changed my perspective about coaching.
“I don’t like to answer questions!”. This is how my first interaction with Ana started. I felt from the first time the chemistry between us and the fact that I have a lot to learn from this powerful woman.
The coaching session covered exactly what I needed at that moment. Ana enlightened me on my way to the objectives I had. She managed to mirror the best of me and guide me to use my strengths at the highest level. Beyond the professional side, Ana rebuilt my self-confidence.
Elena S. – Associate Manager, WNS România


Ana was my first professional coach and I must admit that I went into the first session with some reservations regarding the efficacy of the process. In just a couple of minutes Ana’s “good vibe” and the empathy she radiates put me completely at ease and instantly created the connection that is so necessary for the success of any coaching process. What surprised me the most was the immediate effect that each session had on my mindset, an effect which originated from answering Ana’s very simple questions. Looking back now I came to realize that the skill it takes to connect to and “turn on” the right switches in the mind of somebody you’ve known only for a couple of hours by asking the right questions at the right time is anything but commonplace.
Alexandru N. – Associate Manager, WNS Global Services


Imagine switching from 3G to 5G technology, all of a sudden everything becomes clearer, closer, easier to reach. That’s how I can describe my coaching experience with Ana. It was a real opportunity.
Cristian A. – Group Manager WNS Global Services Romania


I did not have any experience in the coaching world, and Ana successfully managed to carry me through it, to show me I can, I know and I had all the answers buried within me, a coaching session away. My expectations were also not high, considering I did not necessarily know what to expect, but Ana’s warm and empathic approach made me feel safe and not exposed, but understood.
Besides the coaching experience, alongside Ana I also understood myself better, my character traits, how these are challenged on a daily basis and how I should adjust to different personalities I come across.
Adela M. – Associate Manager, WNS Romania


For me the coaching sessions with Ana were an actual break from the daily business routine and during this break I was able to explore my present uncomfortable situations in a safe environment. Ana has conveyed to me a feeling of trust, empathy and safety that gave me the courage to confront, describe, express and then really think about the issue at hand. I learned a lot from this experience and it changed the way I approach uncomfortable or difficult situations. I highly recommend Ana and I’m very grateful for having her as coach.
Octavian P. – Group Manager, Training, WNS Global Services


‘Coaching, what a load of corporate hogwash, am I right?’ is what I would’ve said prior to meeting Ana. Yes, I am a corporate manager and no, obviously, I’m not a fan of the corporate world or, better yet, the corporate mindset. So there’s a lot of cynicism and skepticism on my part when it comes to inherently corporate activities, such as coaching.
I’ve always struggled with finding balance, be it with my personal vs. professional life, my team vs. gross margins, the client vs. the company, so on and so forth. To make matters worse, I’m not really an introspective person, I focus more on others and outside factors rather than myself and my own needs and I sometimes have a problem with admitting that I need help to myself and others. So, when Ana made me look inside (and I say made me, because I didn’t go down easily) through relentless but poignant questioning, ingenious exercises and cunning highlighting of facts, I realized I had the answers all along, I just needed a navigator to help me get to them, and as luck would have it, Ana was my navigator.
So, it turns out that this whole coaching thing… pretty cool. Mind you, Ana has been my only coach so far, so I can’t really tell you if all coaching actually isn’t hogwash, but I know for sure that Ana isn’t and even if you think you don’t need help, or especially if you do, you can’t go wrong with Ana.
Sam N. – Deputy Manager, Operations, WNS


A fresh approach in coaching!
I have dealt with multinational organizations since 2002, so I was not expecting too much from a new coaching initiative presented to us.
I was facing an interesting period, business wise, lots of challenges and pressure due to a new contract with a strategic client. So, I decided to give it a shot.
Professionalism, great energy, warmth and results orientation. Those aspects spring in my mind as I recall the sessions with Ana. She managed to be 100% present and led totally meaningful sessions. Turned out to be a great success in my opinion.
No matter of your professional and personal experience life will present challenges to us now and then and verbalizing this will definitely help you.
If you decide to make this step, Ana is the right partner for you. In my case, it was a pleased and inspiring collaboration and I totally recommend Ana.
George E. – Operations Manager


Ana has helped me on both professional and personal levels. The results we had during the sessions were surprising for me as I was more sceptical in getting to a result for a certain issue only during one session, so the fact that we were able to tackle and solve so many in so few sessions is one of the highlights of the programme. I would definitely and without hesitating recommend sessions with Ana to many other managers.
Anca G. – WNS