When was the last time in a professional or personal context you received positive feedback about your resources, skills/competencies and specific abilities?
Do you remember how good you felt in those moments, how energized you were and the level of engagement you showed in all the things you had decided to do.
I propose a different kind of workshop. Actually, it is not a workshop, but a Solution Talk – an informal but still structured way to drive meaningful conversations in an informal setting. It is an opportunity to gather useful perspectives and information about a given topic or issue that you or your colleagues may face and to find out how to carry constructive and concise conversations. While you sip your coffee or your tea, you will discover the key ways to support someone in talking about solutions instead of problems or to apply those solutions to your own situation.

All you have to do is to come with an open mind and willing to find out about your own resources and those of your colleagues, friends or even people you will meet for the first time, ready to chat in an informal atmosphere with good coffee & tea.